Collaborative Innovation in Every Detail

It’s only by applying the purest of intentions that you generate the purest of thoughts, where with unbridled state of mind you can create the ultimate masterpiece. Where passion for an idea lasts and never fades – delving into the endless possibilities the future offers, bringing them into the present cultivated by a deep understanding of the past. A blank canvas – the outcome unrestricted, untamed, the expression of a vivid imagination and artistic perfection. Building the BST HyperTEK is no accident – it is the sum of the parts, the accumulation of a thousand thoughts and hours of pondering – making the impossible possible. In the union between the vision of the Master designer and the skill set of the Master craftsman you should expect nothing other than the astonishing.

"This is the best work I have ever done"

Pierre Terblanche

"This project has defined the future of the electric motorbike"

Gary Turner

CEO, Blackstone TEK

Unrivalled BST Craftsmanship

Master Designer

The project leader in this unique development is Pierre Terblanche, who was amongst other titles, Director of Design for Ducati and responsible for several iconic motorcycles which became the most important designs of the modern era.

Proven Craftsmanship

Pierre worked with Massimo Tamburini on the Paso restyling as well as on the Ducati 888, and one of his most important design achievements was the Ducati 999. He was also responsible for the designs of the Ducati Supermono, the MHe900 Evoluzione and the HyperMotard.

Innovative Design

The HyperTEK has a novel “high power-density” radial flux motor with 80kw and 120nm of torque. The battery, which usually presents a visual problem, is uniquely and beautifully housed. All electro-mechanical parts are integrated into a compact and sleek motorcycle.

Shared Vision

BST and Pierre Terblanche share the vision to build a truly iconic electric motorcycle with excellent performance and beautiful styling, which will be acclaimed for being distinctly the best in the world.

Distinctly the Best

Become a HyperTEK Custodian

BST's promise to you is to deliver in limited numbers, a completely hand built HyperTEK using the best materials and technology coupled with the passion of the human touch. We invite you to take this journey with us and share in the pride of being the custodian of a HyperTEK.

Technical Specification

> Motor: DHX Hawk water-cooled PMS motor
> Power: 80kw
> Torque: 120nm
> Charge: DC/DC quick charge 30min
> Distance: 300 km
> Clutch: Non slipper/regen clutch
> Wheelbase: 1480mm
> Wheels: BST Carbon Fibre 17 inch
> Wheel travel: Front 130mm – Rear 140mm
> Tyres: Front 120/55-17 – Rear 180/60-17
> Seat Height : 790/800/820mm adjustable
> Weight: 205kg
> Frame: Carbon fibre monocoque
> Front fork: Carbon fibre integrated structure with down tubes and triple clamps in one piece
> Single front disc brake: 330mm aluminium ceramic-infused ventilated disc brake
> Rear brake: Combination aluminium sprocket/disc brake (aluminium ceramic-infused ventilated)

Special Features

> Instrumentation integrated in Heads Up Display helmet by Cross of Japan
> Burnouts and wheelies standard features with Wheelie & Traction Control
> Sound: Built-in sound generator
> Bike will idle when switched on
> Rider can rev when using clutch
> Cruise Control & Hill Stop feature

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